Yes please.

4 05 2014


Bedtime post – pretty quote

7 02 2014


On Repeat

6 02 2014

Old favorite band, new favorite song.

Fire Away

28 01 2014

“Now, talk. Talk about the things you really want said. Don’t tell me about your family, your childhood, your friends or your feelings. Tell me about the things you think”

Mallory looked at him incredulously and whispered:
“How did you know that?”

Roark smiled and said nothing.

“How did you know what’s been killing me? Slowly, for years, driving me to hate people when I don’t want to hate…. Have you felt it, too? Have you seen how your best friends love everything about you–except the things that count? And your most important is nothing to them, nothing, not even a sound they can recognize. You mean, you want to hear? You want to know what I do and why I do it, you want to know what I think? It’s not boring to you? It’s important?”

“Go ahead,” said Roark.

Then he sat for hours, listening, while Mallory spoke of his work, of the thoughts behind his work, of the thoughts that shaped his life, spoke gluttonously, like a drowning man flung out to shore, getting drunk on huge, clean snatches of air.

-The Fountainhead

Thanks, CS Lewis

24 01 2014

Thanks, CS Lewis

“Fake my death and never be found”– is that a possibility?

23 01 2014

Things that I’m completely stressed out about this week:
1. Making my presell numbers for work.
2. Creating and maintaining a zero-balance budget, Dave Ramsey style.
3. Relationshippy things.
4. Abby and college.
5. Kate and high school.

Basically every facet of life is giving me some sort of trouble lately. Flight mode is activated! Alert!

Oh Dawes, How I Love Thee

16 01 2014

Can people be hardwired to reject contentment? I wonder.


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